Duna Tower

The name Duna Tower itself suggest that a monumental office building is meant to dominate the sight over Budapest.


The name Duna Tower itself suggest that a monumental office building is meant to dominate the sight over Budapest. The view is unprecedented and it is also easy to find the building due to its height since its twin glass towers are well visible from all parts of the city.

As a result of careful and attentive design work the office building offers a blend of modern, safe office rooms with wide range of high standard services.

Duna Tower is situated in the 13th district, adjacent of to the Váci Street in Pest. Most important advantage of the building is the immediate link to Arpad Bridge that supports the fastest connection between Pest and Buda.

The 3 underground levels offer 381 parking lots. There are also 20 lots for guests and storage rooms to rent on the garage levels are also available.

The reception service in the atrium is available 24/7 to render assistance in all matter of finding your way around. The highest level of security is guaranteed with constant security service, entry system and even lifts controlled with magnetic cards.

Gross Lettable Area (sqm): 29,718 sqm
Common Area Ratio (%): 8%
Maximum area to be leased (sqm): 10,870 sqm
Minimum area to be leased (sqm): 70
Occupancy (sqm/%): 63,1%
Vacancy (sqm/%): 36,9%
Average floor area (sqm): 800 (A&B tower), 570(C tower)
Parking space (pc): 395
Occupied Parking Space (p/%): 284
Vacant Parking Space (p/%): 111

There is a restaurant and a Café on the two sides of the entrance hall. The special feature of the building is the Café-island which rises from the center of the entrance hall. On the ground floor there are furthermore a 24-hour ATM, pharmacy, office equipment shop, travel agency.

The two structurally identical building blocks are connected by a two-level glass hall. A 7-storey edifice is attached to the south tower. In front of the building is a small park and a parking lot is reserved for guests. Entering the imposing main entrance one arrives in an atrium of beauty.

The raised-floor of the office rooms is covered with module carpeting. The air-conditioning system with cooling beams built into suspended ceiling, the heating of the building is provided by hot water radiators. Thanks to the efficient technical solutions and operations, the operating costs of the building can be kept at the lowest level.